flashcard organisation system

A while ago, over on my tumblr, someone asked me what my flashcard organisation system is. I thought I could save that response for a post on this blog, so here it is.

I am sooo particular about the flashcards I use—to the point where I bulk order them on amazon. They are only available in two stores across the city so I have to make sure I always bring enough with me on study days. The cards are exactly sized and white with black gridded lines. All too many times I have seen those cards with blue lines and honestly I can say that I am disgusted (jkjk I just prefer the black lines lmao). The size I use the most often is the A7, followed by the A8 and then the A6.

My flashcards are separated by subject into these boxes, which also allow me to transport a heck ton of them to and from uni. I also colour-code by using a specific colour for each subject as the accent colour on the cards, just in case I misplace them.

In my case, blue is biology, green is chemistry, purple is physics, and orange is maths.

I tend to write different types of flashcards, such as definitions, questions, abbreviations, etc., so I have to keep those organised within the subjects too. I start by taking a flashcard, colouring in all the edges in the subject colour, then titling it as whatever it needs to be. Then, for all the flashcards in that section, I make a stripe with my highlighter on the bottom of the card stack, so that I can tell if there are cards from other sections in there.

If my flashcards span across a few chapters, I like to keep that organised as well. While keeping the cards in the card-type stacks, I draw lines on the top of the cards with my highlighter according to what chapter it is, making sure that I can distinguish between the lines for different chapters. I try to keep that consistent over the different card types, so that if I end up shuffling them all together, I can still pull out cards for specific chapters if I need to work on them more.

I thought I might go into a bit more detail about the types of flashcards I write in another blog post! Stay tuned!

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