sunday reset routine

As tempting as it is to let your home life go to shit while you’re at uni, I can 10000% promise you that it is a Horrible Idea. Most of the time I’m too busy during the week to properly take time to sort myself and my shit out, so I like to designate Sunday for this task. Also, here in Germany everything is shut and nothing happens on sundays so it’s not like I’m missing out on anything. On that fun note, here’s what I do over the weekend to rest and reset for the next week.

food shopping

Technically I do this on saturdays due to the aforementioned inconvenient closure of every store ever on sundays. I tend to stock up on rice, tinned beans and corn, and various assortments of microwave/just-add-hot-water meals, just so I have enough things lying around for days when I get home from uni at 21:30. I also prefer to go food shopping on saturdays so that I definitely will have food available on sundays. All too many times have I been stuck food-less and resorted to plain white rice on a sunday.

meal prep

I’m not sure what I’d do if I didn’t have a freezer. I like to make massive batches of food and freeze 90% of what I just made. My favorite meal to prepare is my easy vegetarian chili (recipe coming soon!). I also like to keep frozen fruits such as bananas, strawberries, and blackberries handy so that I can whip up a quick smoothie if I’m feeling fancy. I also like to take stock of what I have that needs to be eaten, then I write a rough plan of what I’m going to eat on certain days. I never tend to meal prep three meals for every day, because some days I’m hungrier than others and other days I’m just not in the mood to eat the same thing I had the day before. I just like to keep my options open when it comes to food.

Another tip—keep frozen veggies in! Some days when I really really cannot be bothered to cook anything, I heat up a bowl of frozen peas. So simple yet so good.

schedule and plan for the week

The most essential part of the reset routine: planning for the week ahead. I read through and update my google calendar to see if I have any events occurring that differ from my regular schedule.

I then try to make a rough study plan for the week. I prefer to make specific study plans on the day of, to allow for any changes that may have occurred since Sunday. I plan my weekly study schedules based on upcoming exams, practical prep, and catching up on any work I’ve fallen behind on—which is usually a lot.

If I’m feeling good about my studying I maaaayyy try to squeeze in a coffee date outside of university hours with my friends. This doesn’t happen often but it’s the intent that counts ya know?


For me, a week at university consists of a lot of being outside and talking to people throughout the entire day. I am a tried and true introvert and honestly need a proper break from humans every now and again. I utilise sundays as a day to stay inside and just be alone, to re-energise and recharge. I often don’t realise how exhausted I am until I’ve sat down and not had to think about socialising. Even if you are as extroverted as extroverts can be, take a second to breathe and refresh your mind.


Staying at home means my house has to be inhabitable. Tidy desk tidy mind unfortunately rings true. I take out the bins, put on a load of laundry (even though we aren’t supposed to but my neighbour downstairs blasts music on sundays so no one is gonna complain), do the dishes, and generally tidy up my surroundings. If I’m feeling ~ultra fancy~, I’ll do a proper scrub down of all the surfaces. My mother was right: coming home to a clean house does make a difference.


This is where the fun comes in: self care. I reserve a solid two to three hours for this part of my reset routine. Firstly, I paint my nails. For some reason I truly feel like I have my shit together if I have my nails painted. As they dry, I tend to catch up on a tv show or watch a movie to let my brain go schmush. After that, I have a shower where I condition my hair and exfoliate my entire body (I do my nails first so that the acetone remnants and the nail polish that managed to not make it onto my nail can get cleaned off). After that it’s bathing not literally in moisturizer and hopping into bed with my laptop on my lap to finish the movie or another episode and then getting those zzzs.

Of course, sometimes I don’t do everything here. This post is more like what I try to do every Sunday. Once exam season rolls around, this reset routine goes out the window, alongside my sanity and will to live.

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