essential note-taking supplies

My second semester of uni has just kicked off so I’m getting ready. Organising the masses of paper from last semester. Bulk-ordering supplies from amazon. Getting sleep in now while I still can. Mass-cooking and freezing meals. Testing each and every one of the markers, highlighters, and pens I own to make sure they won’t die on me in the middle of the library–trust me, that’s not fun.

I thought I’d do a round-up of the note-taking supplies I found I needed the most during this last semester. These are things I’ve bought time and time again, often stopping in the middle of a study session to cycle to the nearest store when I noticed I was running out. That happened so often that now I can tell you exactly in which stores and where in each store the specific items are. It’s one of the more important things I learned this semester.


I never thought I would give up on my beloved pencils but alas and alack, I haven’t used one in near six months. Of course, I am equally as picky with my pens as I was with pencils. They have to flow with ease but not smudge, be thin enough to accentuate my handwriting without skipping, and have a thick black line that dries quickly. Lo and behold: the Muji 0.38 Gel Ink* pens. A classic studyblr pen. They are majorly over-hyped but I ashamedly agree that they are fantastic. Top tip: order packs of the refills instead of packs of pens and you shall save some serious moolah.


The only flashcards that I allow inside my home are the Brunnen A7 and A8 gridded white ones. Maybe, if I’m in a good mood, just maybe will I allow the A8 blank white ones. These work out cheapest when you buy them on amazon, especially with student prime for free shipping. I wish I could articulate my love for these flashcards but unfortunately I am a science major with a very limited vocabulary. To sum up: they dang good.

sticky notes

Sticky notes are one of the very few things that I still use from high school. They are not only good for writing little reminders or random thoughts and sticking them all over your desk, but they make brilliant origami squares for when your brain is absolute mush and you need a distraction. It is imperative, however, to find ones that are actually perfect squares because many, though they look square, are actually off by about two millimeters and then mess up your beautiful origami swan resulting in a ruined afternoon.


I am guilty of hopping on the mildliner* bandwagon. And though their qualities of being a highlighter are dutifully average, the colour selection is out of this world. I have yet to see a grey highlighter from any other brand. The variety of colours allows for you to select the perfect match for all of your colour-coding needs. It is well and truly the Worst when the blue is just too green to match the rest of your notes.

cheap-ass notebooks

I always found it helpful to have a cheap notebook in my backpack. I’d use it for planning study sessions, making god only knows how many lists, and sometimes taking notes if my iPad ran out of battery. And of course the pages have to be gridded. For once, I am not too picky with these though I do tend to prefer the Brunnen Collegeblöcke*, she says, having bought that specific notebook for the past 3 months.

Uni supplies are understandably a very personal choice and obviously depend on what you’re studying, so please understand that what works for me may not work for you!!

disclaimer: any links marked with an asterisk (*) are affiliate links! you aren’t charged any more for purchasing something through these links!

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