Hey there and welcome to our blog! We’re Kathleen and Harriet, two non German students who met in high school in the US and are now struggling though German university.

I’m Harriet! I’m a biotechonology major originally from the UK. I moved around a lot as a child, so it makes sense that I hopped countries again for college. My life revolves around studying, mango yogurt, flash cards, and life as an amateur plant mum.

I’m Kathleen! I’m a chemical engineering major originally born in Germany, but I grew up in the US. My dogs, the library, bus rides, cooking, and obsessively checking my google calendar take up the majority of my time.

Though much of our school experience has lead us to the same place, we are now at universities at opposite ends of the country. We stay in close contact through text, factime, and social media (especially tumblr). So much information, advice, and experience is shared between us across these various platforms, and we thought it might be helpful to us (and hopefully also to you, hypothetical reader) to catalog it all in one place. Thus A Study in Basil was born!