follow me around Berlin

Since summer break has started, I have a lot more free time which is cool because now I not only live in a cool city but actually get to see it. Here’s a little recap/diary entry of what I got up to this Monday. Continue reading “follow me around Berlin”

food for library days

Right now I’m approaching a point in my semester where I know the stress is coming. The weather is getting nicer, and my friends are making spring break plans– but I can see the on-coming notifications in my Google calendar. Much like my fourth grade wardrobe, it is a wall of purple. This may not mean a lot to those who do not color code their Google calendars identically to mine, but for me it means the onslaught of exam season. Staying healthy and eating nutritious food is very important to me (though I definitely don’t always do it). When I’ve got one or more tests or big assignments coming up, I have less and less time to dedicate to food, but it also becomes more important. For me, eating well brings with it a great sense of control and order in my life, and if I’ve got a lot of studying planned I need as much of both of those as possible. I thought I’d write a little bit about how I go about maintaining a well planned diet on days I’m in the library almost all day long.

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