five antisocial distractions for social distancing

This month has been super interesting hahaha!! Somehow despite all the absolutely goofy (read: scary) things that’ve been happening internationally lately, my studio apartment has not gotten any more interesting than it was before. Luckily I was raised by a very busy single parent, which all latchkey kids know means I am well versed in the art of entertaining myself. As a kid this meant a game my sister and I played, aptly named ‘try not to get hit in the head with a rusty bar’– a game with very few winners. As an adult my attempts to entertain myself have a lower risk of concussion, but are still fairly effective. So I thought I’d collect a list of things I’ve been up to lately that have made social distancing a little more enjoyable.

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dark academia- poorly lit and poorly thought out

When I joined the studyblr-sphere in 2014, the dark academia aesthetic was a popular, if not the most popular, photo and photo editing style in the community, though it’s worth noting that it was not called that at the time. But the images were pretty much the beginning and the end of it. Over the years, that style fell out of popular use in favor of the brighter, crisper editing we see tons of today. For the past year or so, however, dark academia has been back with a vengeance. At first sight it encompasses pretty much the same things it did when I was first introduced to it: low lit pictures, a focus on classical and gothic architecture, and a general appeal to subjects in the humanities. I find this and basically any other aesthetic harmless in and of itself, and I even appreciate many of the images associated with it. But there are new characteristics to the trend that I don’t like, and I’m surprised they receive as little criticism as they do.

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having a mental health spill during the school year

At the end of Christmas break this year, I found myself looking forward to returning to school. It’s always hard for me to leave my family again after quite some time apart, but the freshness and renewed dedication most people feel surrounding the new year had me excited to get back to studying. As much as I like petting my dogs and hanging out with my sister, there isn’t really anywhere to place New Year’s resolution fervor there. Should I pet my dogs harder? Hang out with my sister more aggressively? I don’t think me, my sister, or my dogs really want that. Applying this sense of motivation makes more sense in my academic life, so I was looking forward to getting back to it.

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skincare for dry, sensitive skin

I have some of the most dry, sensitive skin I know. When I was little, I loved the idea of face masks and pamper sessions. I thought there was nothing more grown-up than a spa day. As anyone with sensitive skin can and will loudly tell you: sensitive skin doesn’t like things on it. Even diy face masks containing nothing but oats, milk, and honey would cause a reaction on my face.

It wasn’t until I turned twenty that I decided that I really really should start taking better care of my skin. We’ve only got one skin so might as well look after it.

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the homesick restaurant

Today I miss my mom. I miss my best friends, walking my dogs, and driving my car, but it’s the day after Mother’s Day when I’m writing this so most of all I miss my mom. Growing up, my vision of my future college life changed a lot. When I was twelve (and objectively my most annoying) I wanted to study law at Harvard. At 14 I wanted to study aerospace engineering at anywhere that would accept me- I then took my first physics class and immediately crossed that off the list. At 16 I wanted to study chemical engineering in Germany, and now four years later that’s what I’m doing. What I never particularly planned on was missing my mom this much. Continue reading “the homesick restaurant”

sunday reset routine

As tempting as it is to let your home life go to shit while you’re at uni, I can 10000% promise you that it is a Horrible Idea. Most of the time I’m too busy during the week to properly take time to sort myself and my shit out, so I like to designate Sunday for this task. Also, here in Germany everything is shut and nothing happens on sundays so it’s not like I’m missing out on anything. On that fun note, here’s what I do over the weekend to rest and reset for the next week.

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