essential note-taking supplies

My second semester of uni has just kicked off so I’m getting ready. Organising the masses of paper from last semester. Bulk-ordering supplies from amazon. Getting sleep in now while I still can. Mass-cooking and freezing meals. Testing each and every one of the markers, highlighters, and pens I own to make sure they won’t die on me in the middle of the library–trust me, that’s not fun.

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the homesick restaurant

Today I miss my mom. I miss my best friends, walking my dogs, and driving my car, but it’s the day after Mother’s Day when I’m writing this so most of all I miss my mom. Growing up, my vision of my future college life changed a lot. When I was twelve (and objectively my most annoying) I wanted to study law at Harvard. At 14 I wanted to study aerospace engineering at anywhere that would accept me- I then took my first physics class and immediately crossed that off the list. At 16 I wanted to study chemical engineering in Germany, and now four years later that’s what I’m doing. What I never particularly planned on was missing my mom this much. Continue reading “the homesick restaurant”

sunday reset routine

As tempting as it is to let your home life go to shit while you’re at uni, I can 10000% promise you that it is a Horrible Idea. Most of the time I’m too busy during the week to properly take time to sort myself and my shit out, so I like to designate Sunday for this task. Also, here in Germany everything is shut and nothing happens on sundays so it’s not like I’m missing out on anything. On that fun note, here’s what I do over the weekend to rest and reset for the next week.

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how to do public speaking and not cry simultaneously

When I was in eighth grade, I once had to memorize a poem I had written and present it aloud from memory in my english class. Why they would give us this assignment when our hormones and ability to write poetry were objectively at their worst, I’m not really sure, but it had me stressin. I ended up making it about four lines in before crying, running out of the classroom, and staying in the bathroom until after the class had ended.

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food for library days

Right now I’m approaching a point in my semester where I know the stress is coming. The weather is getting nicer, and my friends are making spring break plans– but I can see the on-coming notifications in my Google calendar. Much like my fourth grade wardrobe, it is a wall of purple. This may not mean a lot to those who do not color code their Google calendars identically to mine, but for me it means the onslaught of exam season. Staying healthy and eating nutritious food is very important to me (though I definitely don’t always do it). When I’ve got one or more tests or big assignments coming up, I have less and less time to dedicate to food, but it also becomes more important. For me, eating well brings with it a great sense of control and order in my life, and if I’ve got a lot of studying planned I need as much of both of those as possible. I thought I’d write a little bit about how I go about maintaining a well planned diet on days I’m in the library almost all day long.

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