books so ~fall~ they’ll make you astral project into a pumpkin

As the ever astute athenastudying on tumblr (AKA Meike) has recently reminded me, summer is coming to an end and with it any hopes of finishing my ambitious summer reading list. Though I am looking forward to sweating marginally less in the Berlin subway system and finally being able to break out my expansive turtleneck collection without seeming– ah what’s the word– ridiculous, I will now have significantly less time to read than I did this summer. On the bright side, I feel that many books are better read in the seasons to which they apply. If I’m going to read about foggy mornings and crisp air, I’d prefer to not be reading it while I sweat from my literal butt. So in the spirit of the changing of the seasons (Two Door Cinema Club please don’t sue), wrap yourself in a cable knit blanket, snort a pumpkin spice latte, and enjoy some autumnal reads that really bob my apples.

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