five antisocial distractions for social distancing

This month has been super interesting hahaha!! Somehow despite all the absolutely goofy (read: scary) things that’ve been happening internationally lately, my studio apartment has not gotten any more interesting than it was before. Luckily I was raised by a very busy single parent, which all latchkey kids know means I am well versed in the art of entertaining myself. As a kid this meant a game my sister and I played, aptly named ‘try not to get hit in the head with a rusty bar’– a game with very few winners. As an adult my attempts to entertain myself have a lower risk of concussion, but are still fairly effective. So I thought I’d collect a list of things I’ve been up to lately that have made social distancing a little more enjoyable.

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how to read like you did when you were twelve before you lost your attention span

When I first got my iPod touch in the 7th grade I used to use its screen as a flashlight so I could secretly read past my bedtime instead of actually using the iPod touch. Now I have the attention span of a gnat and exactly one million unread books on my shelves, but over the past two years I’ve slowly been getting back into reading. Here are a couple tips and tricks I’ve used over the last few years to combat the feeling that I’ve been getting progressively more average since middle school (and to read more).

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