dark academia- poorly lit and poorly thought out

When I joined the studyblr-sphere in 2014, the dark academia aesthetic was a popular, if not the most popular, photo and photo editing style in the community, though it’s worth noting that it was not called that at the time. But the images were pretty much the beginning and the end of it. Over the years, that style fell out of popular use in favor of the brighter, crisper editing we see tons of today. For the past year or so, however, dark academia has been back with a vengeance. At first sight it encompasses pretty much the same things it did when I was first introduced to it: low lit pictures, a focus on classical and gothic architecture, and a general appeal to subjects in the humanities. I find this and basically any other aesthetic harmless in and of itself, and I even appreciate many of the images associated with it. But there are new characteristics to the trend that I don’t like, and I’m surprised they receive as little criticism as they do.

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